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Conquel Heldin
08.10.1990 - 08.04.2004

Max was my first agility dog; she took to it like a duck to water. We had won out of Starters by the end of our first season and then went on to win into Senior by the end of our second season.
Max had little respect for contacts and she was definitely not going to stop on them, so we kept entering ever hopeful of a blind judge, I'm sure we fooled a few!!
Unfortunately Max had to retire from agility at only 5 , she did however spend may summers travelling to shows, sitting by the rings and cheering the other dogs on. You may remember seeing a big furry GSD wearing her sunglasses, that was my Maxie.
Max was a wonderful dog to own, she was loyal and kind and she was always a good mum to any puppy we brought into the pack.

Rest in Peace Maxie, we will always love you.

Lisa and Nigel
With great sadness I have to tell you that my beloved Hungarian Vizsla, Anya Beagle (Aurildis Athena), died on Wednesday night (15th Jan 2003) at the Bristol veterinary college from Acute Renal Failure after poisoning herself by eating a 500g bag of raisins. We had tried everything to save her.

She was my 'steady' dog who could always be relied upon for clear rounds - and was in demand for teams as a result. She ran with Jenny Kimber in lots of Junior events and finals when I lived in Swindon and, for the last year, has been running with little Morgan Hildersley down in Cornwall. Anya had qualified for this year's ABC final and was only five years old.

Always happy, she was frequently bitten by collies at shows because of her tendency to rush up to them and give their faces a thorough washing, but she never took it personally. I cannot tell you how much I will miss her and would like to thank everyone for their messages of support and hope throughout.


Kate Prosser
Arildis Athena
'Anya Beagle'