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This class follows on from The Beginners. By now the dogs have learnt how to negotiate the various obstacles and its now a case of stringing everything together with some nice flowing sequences.

This class is alwyas fun, its great to see a partnership forming between handler and dog. The whole class tends to encourage each other with applause and cheers, everybody joins in.

The aim of this class is to slowly increase the dog and handlers confidence whilst negotiating set routines.

The Novice Class will prepare handler and dog for the competetion class, but should you not wish to go on to compete, you are welcome to enjoy the Novice Class for as long as you wish.
We have one intake during the year, around Easter when training takes place outside @ Ladock. Thes training is open to anybody who has a fit and energetic dog. After an initial assessment, handlers and dogs will learn how to negotitate all the different types of equipment used in agility, in a safe and controlled manner. Please contact the club secretary as soon as possible if you would like to join as our places are very limited.
Handlers will be taught about body language, and how to communicate with their dogs whilst negotiating the obstacles. The emphasis of the training is as all of our classes FUN. The dogs will not be forced to do anything they are not happy with; we use positive reinforcement methods, which help the dog become more confident and to enjoy themselves. Once the handlers and dogs have reached the appropriate standard they will be invited to join the Novice Agility Class
This class follows on from the novice class, the class is quite large so it has been split into two groups.
One of the Kennel Club regulations is that AGILITY IS FUN! We still use toys and treats as rewards even in the competition class.
This is where the fun really starts, handlers and dogs will be taught how to negotiate agility courses and all the other In's and Out's of competition agility.
You don't have to compete if you join this class, but competition agility definately gets under your skin, so be warned!
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